Near Our Townhomes In Lowry, Denver

What Shops Are Near Our Townhomes In Lowry?

3 Minutes from Hilltop • 9 Minutes from Cherry Creek North • 13 Minutes from Central Park (Stapleton) • 11 Minutes from Downtown Denver • 2 Blocks From Crestmoor Park

Being able to take a short stroll down the street to pick up some groceries or explore a local shopping center is a privilege few have. Fortunately, our townhomes are situated in an area that gives you access to any number of places to shop, many of which are within walking distance. Looking to update your wardrobe or spend a day perusing shops? Walk down to Lowry Town Center where you’ll find everything from boutique clothing stores to well-loved chains. Looking for a grocery store with a more relaxed atmosphere? Pete’s Fruits and Vegetables is exactly what you’re looking for; found on the corner a short walk from our townhomes, Pete’s been serving Lowry for over forty years and has garnered a number of regulars that he greets by name. No matter what kind of shopping experience you’re looking for, Lowry’s diverse selection of stores and shopping centers is sure to fit your wants and needs.

Spruce Street Place
Of Lowry Denver

21 Minute Walk From Our Townhomes In Lowry

Spruce Street Place at Lowry is a large strip-mall-esque building with numerous storefronts on all sides. It has a chic, modern design which makes it very unique.

Lowry Colorado

Lowry Town Center
Of Lowry Denver

12 Minute Walk From Our Townhomes In Lowry

Lowry’s Town Center provides a concentrated mixture of great shopping from big name grocery to boutique clothing stores and everything in between.

Pete's Fruits & Vegetables Shopping in Lowry, Denver

Of Lowry Denver

18 Minute Walk From Our Townhomes In Lowry

A quaint, family-run grocery store that’s been selling produce to the Lowry area for over forty years. A very hospitable place to buy your groceries.

Cherry Creek Shopping in Lowry, Denver

Cherry Creek Center
Of Lowry Denver

55 Minute Walk From Our Townhomes In Lowry

Cherry Creek Shopping Center prides itself on being “Denver’s Fashion Destination” with over 160 stores such as Burberry and Louis Vuitton.

Of Lowry Denver

13 Minute Walk From Our Townhomes In Lowry

Safeway operates as a banner of Albertsons Companies, one of the largest food and drug retailers in the United States, and is an incredibly popular chain.

Cherry Creek North
Of Lowry Denver

62 Minute Walk From Our Townhomes In Lowry

Cherry Creek North was once part of a small town called Harman, but has emerged as a staple in the fabric of Denver with vibrant shopping and residences.

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